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23rd November 2016

Outside of the Watford Colosseum

Project Outline

In February 2016 Norwood Consultants Limited were appointed by Watford Borough Council to carry out a survey of the Colosseum Heating Plant and BEMS installations. NorWood Consultants were asked to provide a report with ‘options’ and ‘estimated costs’ to rectify the defective plant.

The Colosseum building is Listed and the original heating and ventilation systems were installed circa 28 years ago. Repair works, Replacements and Maintenance works have been on-going with limited annual budgets, leaving much of the original primary engineering infrastructure plant intact and thus requiring major repair or replacement.

The resultant report had to include “Urgent Replacement”—to ensure the on-going use of the building was not contravened, “Health & Safety”—with respect to Maintenance access and acceptable environments associated with public buildings. “ Conservation of Fuel & Power” to meet currant legislation & Building Regulations.

Challenges & Benefits

The Engineering Services involved Included:-

Supply & Extract Ventilation Installations for the Main & Small halls; & Kitchen.

Replacement of the original LTHW Pipe work, Valves & Pumps in the Boiler room.

Main Hall & access corridor LTHW Fan Convector Replacements.

Removal & replacement of roof mounted Ductwork to effect roof covering replacement.

Automatic Controls Wiring, sensors, Control valves & actuators, including new Power wiring.

Replacement of the old BEMS control panel & systems in a phased manor to ensure continuity.

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