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Takeda, Cambridge – De-mothballing an office & (BSU) Unit on behalf of the Landlord

Client: Takeda Cambridge Ltd

21st July 2015

De-mothballing of office & (BSU) Unit on behalf of the Landlord

Project Outline

NorWood Consultants Ltd were contracted  for the de-mothballing of  office and (BSU) unit on behalf of the Landlord

NorWood Consultants  were responsible for bringing back on-line the Infrastructure Services including:-

• New Chilling Station

• Steam Plant

• Autoclave / Wash Area

• Air Conditioning Systems

• Fume Systems

• Updating Lighting & BEMS Facilities

• Fume Extract Systems

• All types of Laboratories

• BSU’s

• Cold Laboratories

• Liquid Nitrogen Storage (On-going)