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This Project involved a Mechanical Survey with Testing and Recommendations to improving Ventilation Rates in order to re-open a Public Museum in Canterbury for safe use in view of the current Coronavirus (Covid –19) Pandemic, on behalf of Canterbury City Council.

25th November 2020

NorWood Consultants were invited in by Canterbury City Council to carry out a mechanical survey , to test and provide recommendations on improving the ventilation rates in order that the Roman Museum could reopen safely to the public following the the Coronavirus lockdown.

As a consequence of our survey’s and recommendations the clients were able to plan how they would be proceeding to opening the facilities whilst knowing precisely what their maximum occupancy figures were and how their ventilation systems were  performing.

It is a requirement of the new COVID-19 regulations that all employers / public spaces maximise ventilation flow rates whilst maintaining as far as possible personal comfort. This is a balancing issue that is not easy to achieve and is only possible at all with a detailed understanding of the systems that have been installed and how they are performing.