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After the Lockdown

With the easing of some of the governments lockdown restrictions there is an increasing number of companies and people reoccupying buildings

To ensure that the infection doesn’t rise again as the population returns to a semblance of normality; the government and organisations such as CIBSE, ASHRAE and REHVA are issuing guidance aimed at minimising the risk of people falling ill with Covid-19 in reoccupied buildings.
The current guidance from Public Health England (PHE) states that Covid-19 is assumed to be primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing, which come into contact with others directly or via contaminated surfaces. The government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, however, has acknowledged that airborne transmission is a route, particularly in poorly ventilated spaces

As such there are some measures / precautions that building operators need to make before re occupancy takes place. These are summarized below: Understand your ventilation systems.

  • Run ventilation systems at higher volume flowrate and for longer periods
  • Avoid recirculation/transfer of air from one room to another unless this is the only way of providing adequately high ventilation to all occupied rooms
  • Recirculation of air within a single room where this is complemented by an outdoor air supply is acceptable
  •  If applicable, thermal wheels should be switched off, but the pressure difference between supply and extract will need to be maintained to minimise any leakage flow from the extract to supply side

The key to achieving the above is for there to be a clear and technically based assessment of how the buildings systems are configured and what can be achieved by them.  We at Norwood Consultants can provide you with a technical assessment of how your systems are configured and what can be done to comply with the requirements for occupation of all your buildings both large and small.

Please contact
Ray Wood
On 07973 709368
To discuss any matters raised by the above

NorWood Consultants are ready and available to undertake all of your design requirements. Now is the best time to take advantage and have all your schemes designed and costed ready to start as soon as the restrictions are lifted. If you have a scheme that needs design input please contact us on 07973 709368

Norwood Consultants are committed to protecting its staff and clients during the evolving Covid-19 situation. We are constantly reviewing our approach regarding this based on advice received from the Government and scientific best practice.

At the moment, all our offices remain open. Some or all, of our Team will be working from home.  There will be minimal impact on our clients, as we have robust plans in place for this and all our internal systems are remotely accessible.

  • If any or all of our Team are affected or need to self-isolate, we are equipped to work remotely
  • Our phone system is totally cloud-based. All staff working remotely can be reached as normal via  01442 261620
  • Our email, will be constantly monitored.
  • On site meetings will not take place and visitors to the office will not be encouraged.

The key message from Norwood Consultants is that it is ‘business as usual’ for the time being.

We are constantly reviewing this situation and we will keep you informed of any changes

We are pleased to report that we are now on social media follow us for the latest updates.